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ALKMIST is a design project devoted to all kind of Art Expressions and was created with a simple purpose: help people live longer and better.

Inspired in ancient Alchemy but with a modern touch and a “good vibe” communication.

I believe that all artists and creative people have a little bit of an Alchemist inside them, after all, we mix ideas like they mix things in a lab, turning elements into new stuff.

Like an Alchemist is devoted to find eternal life, being young forever, or turning metal into gold, ALKMIST has a main message: Long Live, be better every day.

But it is just the beginning, you are invited to join us in this journey inside all relevant themes in Pop Culture: Street Art, Music, Sports, Nature etc.

This project is dedicated to all of you, who appreciate art and graphic design, but specially to my wife Patricia and my five-year-old daughter Lorena, who came to my desk all the time asking me to take off my glasses, pulling my hand to play with her. I love you!

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